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Recipe: Flapjacks (What We’ll Be Eating For The Next Month)

So then, a couple of weeks ago I visited my friend Rumbi and she made flapjacks for us, and they were amazing!!! #PartyInMyMouth #MyTummyRejoiced. I don’t know why I had previously been anxious about making flapjacks. I just never thought it was a thing I could do so I always kept it to pancakes.

So then when planning our Valentines weekend, I decided to make them for my family and cut them into cute little hearts and circles. It went so well, which was great and not so great at the same time. It was not so great because my husband was like “where have these been all my life!!!”. Now he expects them for breakfast every weekend. *hangs head*

So as I was making this weekend’s batch, another friend saw that and asked for the recipe and so I thought I should sort you out as well while I was at it.

This recipe is definitely not in a recipe format. When Rumbi was showing/ telling me how to make these there were no measurements or anything. So we can just wing it and mix things per our taste. I really hope the picture quality is good enough for this.

The goal…This is a picture of Rumbi’s batch.

Stack of flapjacks topped with fresh fruit and a fruit sauce. She also sprinkled a bit of icing sugar on top for vibes…

I was not so good taking pics during the process as I was making, so… *shrugs* here goes …

The flapjacks.

Using Golden Cloud or Snowflake flapjack mix. It has instructions. Or you can use whatever flapjacks recipe you want. You can add a bit of blueberries (whole) or strawberries (cut) to the dough before cooking.

The sauce

Use any stewy fruit.

I used 4 strawberries, a handful of blueberries cut in half, 2 small plums. Then added another handful of whole blueberries towards the end.

Chopped fruits, add a bit of brown sugar (about 2 teaspoons for my sweet tooth) and add little bit of water and cook on the stove until fruit is soft and saucy. You can use a fork or spoon to mash the fruit. Increase the amount of water to change the thickness if you would like.

Fruit for topping

Spears/strips or whatever shape you like


Stack the flapjacks

We love love love bacon so I added strips in between the flapjacks.

Drizzle sauce on top (or in between). We, mostly I, have a sweet tooth so I added lots of sauce.

Throw the raw fruit per your desire. Mango is missing on the below…

After I started eating with Mango added…

Hmmmm, Yum Yum in my tum tum

Let me know if you do or will try these or if you have any insights to share.

You can also check out Rumbi’s other recipes and tips on her instagram page (Mumbamedu) . She tells me there is a French Toast version. Don’t tell my husband because wow, the guys is a strong believer in French Toast!!!

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